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Fostering connection, deepening knowledge, and encouraging support for a diverse constituency of new music practitioners and appreciators in the United States. Tuesday, April 16, at PM. Cathedral of St. John the Divine Amsterdam Ave.

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New York, NY The project was the brainchild of second-year Historical Performance violinist Keats Dieffenbach. Participants: The Juilliard School. If you want to fine-tune your subscription prefences please do it below, or come back and visit your settings page later. From the Counterstream archives, take a deep dive into new music.

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Celebrate the vitality and breadth of NYC music-making with this sampling of tracks on our platform. On Demand Playlists and Tracks Enjoy our featured playlists, browse videos and audio organized by theme or instrumentation, or just cue up a random track. Also boring stuff like rules and a box to hold it all together.

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How close are we to being finished? In a word, very.

Most of the artwork is done, templates are ready, rules are written, all we need now is enough people to want the game. That's where you come in. But before I get to the good stuff, I hear you saying "But nameless text voice in my head, what is this "Jazz" game I'm reading about?

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Well I'm glad you asked. Jazz is our first game and this is the perfect opportunity to get it at the same time, but enough talk, watch this short informational film. But we're so nice we've also got a couple of exciting stretch goals in mind for ya. Check 'em out. The Play-mat will be high quality rubber backed to stop sliding on tables with some great artwork.

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We've done the maths on this, folks. We wouldn't put out any game we were not satisfied had been fully tested and was worth playing. We know our suppliers, our artists and our gaming group. Obviously freak things can happen and if they do we will make sure we communicate clearly and quickly with all backers to ensure everyone knows what's going on at all times.

With free shipping within the UK. Both games will be signed by the creator. We will check that you are an actual Bricks 'N' Mortar retailer before sending you out this reward to backers.

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Add your likeness to one of the ending cards within Them's Fightin' Words of your choice. We'll draw you like a cowboy!

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Plus a copy of the game, Promo Card Pack 1 and also Jazz. Hang out with the crew. We will put you up in a local hotel to us. In addition to entry to a great convention you will also get the chance to playtest some of our latest games in development. The only other thing you need to do is get yourself to London, the rest is on us. Ok you might want some spending money too! In addition you will get a copy of both our games Jazz and Them's Fightin Words.

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Add your likeness to one of the insult cards within Them's Fightin' Words. Jul 29, - Aug 28, 30 days.