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Book 2 of 7. See more information. When Stars Collide by S. Gilchrist May 26, Book 3 of 7. Touring the Stars by S. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 19, Newbage rated it did not like it. When the author said the book was for fans of Stargate and the Green lantern, what he meant was, imagine SG-3 went through a Stargate and found a Green lantern ring. But I don't mean this comparison to be flattering.

I mean to say that the author rips off ideas from both franchises so thoroughly that this is more of a Fan-Fiction mashup than an original work. Instead of a ring with green energy, the artifact in question is a pair of vambraces with purple energy. The MC is first introduced to one in a secret underground facility run by the US government.

Sound familiar? Now, stolen ideas aside, there is other ample evidence that the author lacks thought and imagination.

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Character behavior and dialogue is comically awkward. Dude, minorities do not face the exact same social challenges as women. The world itself and the way the science fiction works is equally thoughtless and unrealistic. The team has experimental implants, that can be installed in seconds, that go behind the ear and on the throat that can learn an alien language and project a translation when they speak.

Keep in mind, this story is supposedly set in modern times, or the very near future. Yet the implants magically learn the unknown language after simply hearing an alien babbling to them with no reference or context for a couple minutes. That is literally impossible. Keep in mind, this is not like Stargate where humans were deliberately spread throughout the universe by an ancient alien race.

The aliens they come into contact with have evolved completely independently, on a separate planet, in a separate galaxy. There is no way that what they eat should be palatable to humans, nor should humans be able to withstand the alien microbes on a foreign planet with no issue. Hell, we need thorough vaccinations just going to the other side of our own planet, let alone an alien planet. Last, but definitely not least, the MC is horrendous.

He is supposed to have been chosen by the aforementioned magical vambraces for being a strong bastion of good, so that he can wield them to uphold the light. Yet the opening scene of this book has him in an Italian restaurant with an attractive date whose name he cannot remember. The author makes a point of having him trying and failing to remember multiple times, both in his head and later, verbally, to her face. What an asshole.

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Far worse: His communicator keeps ringing, disturbing the other patrons. The owner comes and tells him to leave his restaurant. And because the owner is loud and rude, the MC breaks his fingers, smashes his nose, then stabs the back end of a spoon into the eye of one of his bouncers. Like dude, the owner is LAWFULLY tell him to leave his establishment, and then attempting to physically remove him from his premises after he refuses to do so. This psychopathic fucker of an MC proceeds to maim the owner and several of his staff, and is then chosen by a magical artifact to be a protector of goodness and light?

This author really needs a reality check. If you thought this review was useful, please give it a like so that it jumps to the top and others can see it to avoid wasting their time on this terrible, terrible book. View 2 comments. Sep 09, Jim rated it really liked it. I listened to books as part of an audio bundle. Normally I prefer a bit more serious sci-fi Bk1 was thrilling, with loads of excitement, lots n lots of action. Devoured the bk within couple of hours, as its Def a page turner. Thnx, once again, for giving me this to read. Apr 14, William Howe rated it it was ok.

Green lantern ripoff But it gets worse. The drag the tech-rep along because The stupid Hey, if you send your general to talk to the other side, I guess you have to use a foreign colonel who has lost half his squad to run your army.

The prose is not terrible. The plot and characters are. Sep 24, Rebecka rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary , , fantasy , space , left-unfinished , scifi , audiobooks , military. I didn't expect the sudden turn from scifi to fantasy. High tech to magic. At the same time the main character goes from asshole to knight. I kinda liked the first part, but the second part didn't convince me so DNF.

First of all, sorry to rate this book when I've actually only read the prequel novella, and the first chapter, but I couldn't find Shall We Begin on goodreads, so here I am. This review will be mainly about the prequel novella. Let me state that i love military science fiction. Emphasis on science. This is more a military fantasy. Nothing wrong with that if you don't mind that the universal law of physics don't apply. If I want to read about magical knights, I perefer them in a middle age like se First of all, sorry to rate this book when I've actually only read the prequel novella, and the first chapter, but I couldn't find Shall We Begin on goodreads, so here I am.

If I want to read about magical knights, I perefer them in a middle age like setting, but that's a personal preference.

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What doesn't help the story is the use of different measurement systems. First we talk about kilogramms, then pounds, then tons The fact that no matter how strong you are, if you are using a lever and you are tons lighter than whatever is on the other side you won't be able to budge it. The Darkon Warriors series

The poetic overstatements are also too much; 3 stories down is not deep inside the planet we have underground garages deeper than that , and falling into it won't make anything disappear, especially not an indistructable robot. Regarding this book, based on the first chapter, Frank is a typical chauvinistic, space vowboy Marty Sue, who is the most clever, the strongest, and always comes out the victor in every situation.

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