The Emerald Staff (Custodian Novel # 2) (The Custodian Novels)

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Yeah moving on hide spoiler ] The plot flowed well. There was the build up and once the action hit everything moved at a quick pace and kept my interest. I didn't notice any dry spots where anything dragged, which made it easier to go through the reading okay i was listening I didn't feel the urge to skip ahead through any lethargic scenes. When Eytran showed up I was a bit leery, I hate love triangles, I really do. But happily there wasn't one and the only hint was like for maybe a paragraph.

If there'd been a love triangle I would've dropped this a star, and it would've been four stars but like I said Faedra lost me and never really got me back again. Faen, though, he was fine.

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And I liked his relationship with Faedra. You know if they hadn't made it forbidden there probably would have been less illicit romances. And speaking of the king the twist he was her father wasn't really a surprise. What annoys me is they all deny they knew, in one way or the other, later on when it becomes official that reaction right there gave them away. And why was Faedra tripping over the Princess title? Me I'd be all over that, what I wouldn't want would be the responsibility of ruling a kingdom that would be coming my way.

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But I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too. I mean she has superpowers and descendant from fae, I figured she was fae,just human dominate, but now it's a big deal she's half fae. Oh well, it didn't take away from the story so I'll ignore it. Sure, you probably won't like Faedra in the beginning but she does get better. Buy or Borrow? Borrow unless you've already started buying the series. Sep 27, Kendra Ardnek rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , fairies , fantasy. After I reviewed book 1 of the Custodian Novels, The Amulet, the author found my review and asked if I would like to read and review the next two books as well.

I agreed, and she sent them to me. Unfortunately, that was about the time that my life went crazy, so it's taken me a lot longer than I would have liked to get around to reviewing. The book begins a few months after The Amulet, Faedra has begun to settle back into her life as the custodian, and has almost gained control of her Energy-manip After I reviewed book 1 of the Custodian Novels, The Amulet, the author found my review and asked if I would like to read and review the next two books as well. The book begins a few months after The Amulet, Faedra has begun to settle back into her life as the custodian, and has almost gained control of her Energy-manipulation power.

All is going well, Faen, her Guardian and boyfriend, has started college with her, and her father has even started dating again! She hasn't met the lucky lady yet, but her dad says that she'll be at the approaching Halloween party that they're hosting. Faedra is delighted … until the lady walks in the door. Turns out, it's the woman who killed her mother, and tried to kill Faedra in book one.

Let's just say, Faedra takes exception. Trying to control her energy power and not reveal to the whole party that she's not a normal human, she goes outside with Faen to blow some steam.

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However, Mr. Bennet and the girlfriend soon follow them and the girlfriend forces him to do a big reveal — he's not Faedra's real dad.

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Then she makes her dramatic exit, Mr. Bennet in tow. She leaves behind a black stone with a red dot in the center.

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If Faedra doesn't turn herself in before the stone is completely red, well let's just say she won't like the consequences. Faedra decides to see if there's any way to rescue him. She travels back to the Faerie world and discovers that the only way of tracking her father's kidnapper is to find the Emerald Staff … which belongs to a dragon.

Not only is finding him hard enough, but he won't give up the staff unless they return to him his only egg which he lost in a bet when he was a younger dragon. Overall, I liked this book. Tension was higher than the book before, but less mystery when it comes to the villain. There were many twists and turns, some of which I smelled coming, others caught me completely by surprise.

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The old characters are as charming as they were before, and the new ones were delightful. For the most part. There's one character that shows up at the end that's not so nice … but he was well done, nonetheless. My one annoyance with this book was the fact that the main romance is a forbidden romance. It was fairly well done, and I already knew about it from the first book, so it wasn't so bad. Forbidden romances just annoy me, so no offense to the author.

Also, one of the new characters, while he is charming, borders on the too charming. I liked him, felt sorry for him even since he's the last of his kind , but I was slightly annoyed with him. But apart from the romance, I really enjoyed the book. It's a very interesting twist on fairies, though not extremely radical. Jul 13, Robin rated it really liked it. Now she knows she has amazing and dangerous powers, and her faithful dog is really a faerie named Faen who has been appointed as her Guardian, and her mother's death when Faedra was a little girl was caused by evil creatures called redcaps, and her real father is not the ordinary, 21st-century man who raised her but the king of the faerie realm of Azran, which makes the woman responsible for her mother's death her insanely jealous, faerie half-sister Vivianna I may have forgotten to mention that Vivianna got away, with the aid of a powerful magical object called the ruby staff, which was supposedly destroyed eons ago along with an evil dragon named Savu.

The fact that the staff still exists is a clue that still nastier surprises await. So, in this second installment in the series, while Faedra and Faen start to admit to themselves and each other the forbidden romantic feelings between them, and while she still has a lot to learn about how to control her energy-manipulating powers, Vivianna kidnaps Faedra's human dad and threatens to kill him unless she hands over the amulet.

Joined by friends old and new and, of course, Faen , Faedra must race against a countdown clock of dark magic to find the emerald staff, which can cancel out the advantage the ruby staff gives Vivianna. But that, in turn, means facing a sworn enemy of the human race and asking him, pretty please, to make an exception to the rule that Dragons Never Give Away Their Stuff. Like the first book in the series, this book holds lots of appeal to fans of young-adult fantasy. It has young romance, powerful magic, interesting people, impressive worldscapes, suspense, action, and a quest that crosses the boundaries between not two, but three worlds - starting in present-day Norfolk, England, and ending up facing a dragon's fiery breath at point-blank range.

It has surprise character developments, a vulnerable yet determined and resourceful heroine, and a side mission into a haunted castle. It also has some spelling and punctuation errors, and still needs some editorial cleaning up - an understandable condition for a book that was not professionally published. As self-published stuff goes particularly by an author who lives about 5 miles from me , it's really an impressive achievement. I will not delay long before reading Book 3, The Cypher Wheel.

This review is based on a Kindle e-book of the complete Custodian Quartet. Mar 18, Ian Rutter rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy. I bought this last week as I had read the first one, The Amulet. I really enjoyed that one, and so I was very happy to purchase this one. Noticeable difference is that this is longer, and you can tell. But Alison Pensy has written a story that keeps moving, doesn't stop. Have you noticed that in Hollywood, they think a sequel should always be bigger, better, louder, more extravagant, and most of the time more expensive than the first.

They fail, usually. This one does not. Okay, it's a book, but sti I bought this last week as I had read the first one, The Amulet. Okay, it's a book, but still sequels in books can fail.

The Emerald Staff (Custodian Novel, #2) by Alison Pensy

I personally think this is better than the first, as the dangerous situations that our two main characters are put in, are greater and more perilous than in the first book, but are greatly more explained, and so visually better and more exciting. It's not perfect, what book is? Again, as I had noted in my review of the first book, this does keep up with the "he's so handsome, I just felt myself melt when I looked into his eyes' type of teenage girl world, but hey, I'm a 40 year old bloke, so it wasn't written for my age group.

It doesn't linger too much on that style of writing, which is great. I would also of loved more interaction with the dragons. Yes, we have dragons in the book. Maybe next time. The characters all are likable. One character I really liked, and is a little mysterious is Todmus. He really does have a tale to tell, especially about a horse read the book that he keeps secret. If there is to be another book, then I ask the author to write more about Todmus and the horse.

It's a great hook to keep the reader wanting more.

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I am now a fan of Alison Pensy, and I hope she does well with future works. I will certainly be buying more of her work as it comes out.