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Air pollution can trigger asthma attacks, cause weight gain and lead to death. UNT researchers are working to combat it with innovative solutions.

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And she could sense it, too. I have vivid memories of ozone action days, days it was recommended we not go outside. There were many of them. Now as an associate professor of geography and the environment, she is examining innovative ways to combat air pollution. She is one of several UNT faculty members and alumni researching a problem that affects nearly the entire world.

Air pollution can lead to a range of dangerous effects, from asthma to cancer to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to weight gain. One in eight people will die due to the effects of air pollution, according to the World Health Organization. And air pollution can have negative effects on crop yields and forests.

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I like to think about what goes up in the atmosphere, what comes down, where it lands, when it lands and why it matters. It affects the economy. It affects our children. Anything can go into the atmosphere, good or bad — soot, dust from the soils of West Texas, salt from the ocean, sulfur dioxide and microplastic — and then fall out of the atmosphere naturally or in rain. She wondered about the black carbon emitted from vehicles, wildfires and other sources.

Where does the soot go? Industry uses scrubbers, such as spray towers, to clean out pollutants. Could trees and forests play a similar role and serve as urban air filters? Her team gathered samples of soot on leaves picked from live oak and post oak trees around Denton. After they collected the data, they conducted research in the Ecosystem Geography Lab. The results? While black carbon adds harmful pollutants to the air, it can actually help soil by sticking to nutrients and keeping them from being washed out.

Sustainable Agriculture and Food

Now he heads the McKinneybased consulting firm Barrett Environmental, which offers indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring and assessments. It also recommends.

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Right Amie Lund, right, works with Ph. Prior to the study, he never thought about using trees as a solution in reducing emissions. After five days, Pitre picked up the frames and found that they contained measurable amounts of black carbon. Then artists in the College of Visual Arts and Design used their talents to convey the meaning of the project. Dornith Doherty, University Distinguished Research Professor, created a time-lapse video from the cameras placed near the screens.

Anna Lee, an. Having a visual makes the science real for people. But it also poses another threat — weight gain. Diet and genetics are, of course, factors known to contribute to obesity. But Amie Lund, associate professor of biological sciences, is currently investigating if increased inflammation in the cells or tissues caused by exposure to air pollution also contributes to weight gain. Using an inbred strain of mice,.

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When she looked at the weight and fat cells of the animals, Lund noticed the difference. Lund also saw changes in these pathways in the low-fat animals — considered the equivalent of a young, healthy adult — albeit to a lesser degree than those animals consuming a high-fat diet. One of these is the renin-angiotensin system signaling pathway, which helps regulate blood pressure and could lead to hypertension when the pathway is overactive. How can this be prevented? Environmental regulation and filtration systems can help minimize exposure.

Also, drugs currently available can target the reduction of renin-angiotensin signaling in the body, but it is unclear if they also can provide beneficial outcomes in altering the signaling of fat cells in obese patients. That can assist with setting regulatory limits for environmental exposure in order to reduce adverse human health.

The possibilities for investigating the effects — and solutions — of air pollution are endless. There will always be the next question to answer. Student Researchers Work to Find Solutions Five biological sciences doctoral students at UNT are leading the way to study the health effects of air pollution in different parts of the body. The lungs, for instance, are the first to encounter foreign agents in the air. Sarah Daniel is exploring the involvement of the microbes within the lungs that play crucial roles in stimulating immune responses — and often lead to chronic lung diseases.

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Additionally, pollutants can alter the good bacteria that live in the gut. She is working to understand how vehicle emissions can alter metabolism. Usa Suwannasual is focusing on the brain, working to determine if air pollution promotes blood-brain barrier disruption and neuroinflammation, both of which are associated with strokes. Also concentrating on the brain is Anna Adivi, who is researching the effects of air pollution on pathways associated with multiple sclerosis. As our dedicated, creative community of scholars, artists and innovators continues to grow, so does our campus, each improvement thoughtfully designed to empower our students and faculty to succeed.

Centrally located at the corner of Maple Street and Avenue A, the center is designed to connect the thousands of prospective students, families and guests who visit our campus each year with the information they need to see themselves here at UNT. The spacious new building is decked out with Mean Green pride from floor to ceiling, and digital information along the walls offers virtual tours and in-depth information about our programs and facilities. Named for football legend and UNT alumnus Joe Greene see page 28 , the bed residence hall features double occupancy rooms primarily for freshman students.

Details like these are why students from all over the world proudly call UNT their home away from home. Collaborative Research and Innovation Designed to promote interdisciplinary research that fuels innovation, our newest creative research and academic facilities provide collaborative spaces where ideas are sparked and problems are solved. This enables faculty researchers to push the boundaries of science, technology and creativity while providing students with hands-on experiences that ready them for careers. The Materials Research Facility is one of the most advanced university research facilities in the nation for materials analysis and 3D characterization.

Researchers from a variety of disciplines — from materials science and engineering to physics, chemistry and biology — work alongside industry leaders to solve real-world problems and create new products and technologies. The 26,square-foot building contains two large research labs, three teaching labs and three classrooms, in addition to a virtual dissection table that takes learning human anatomy to the next level. Back on the main campus, the recently renovated Science Research Building encourages faculty and student researchers to collaborate across disciplines.

Its flexible, open-concept lab spaces better equip faculty and student researchers to discover the latest bio-based materials, biopolymers and techniques in metabolic engineering. At the Life Sciences Complex, the Genomics Center provides high-quality, low-cost DNA sequencing using innovative technology and research techniques to improve the health of humans, plants, animals and the environment. In May , UNT ecology staff and students initiated the project to provide a space for students, faculty and staff to promote conservation and sustainable urban landscaping of native habitats for declining pollinator populations.

In late , the College of Visual Arts and Design unveiled its new four-story building complete with sky bridges and wide hallways for pop-up exhibitions. It will feature a large video wall and a covered walkway that extends from the Voertman Concert Hall lobby to Avenue C. Part of the year Light the Tower Master Plan, the complex is designed to improve the experience for student-athletes and fans. The Lovelace and McNatt Families Practice Facility is a climate-controlled, multi-sport practice space featuring a full-length football field and track running lanes.

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A spacious lobby and elevated platforms for photography and videography make the indoor practice facility the perfect place to host new recruits and a variety of special events. See a video at northtexan. Fall northtexan. The UNT Alumni Association hosts a GameDay Grille at the pavilion prior to each home game of the season so that alumni and their families can relax and reconnect. Send your news to the North Texan see contact information on page 7. As a coach for Bryson, Pilot Point, Celina, Sherman and Aubrey high schools, he led his teams to eight state football championships. After a career in the economic development field, he retired in as senior manager for the Washington State Department of Commerce.

She is the owner of Edge Consultants, an executive coach, professional speaker and business consultant. He served as the public affairs specialist for the National Forests and. Grasslands in Texas and as district press secretary for U. Charlie Wilson. Prior to this, he worked as an editor for several Texas newspapers.