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This image has been floating around on the internet and it could be one of the new Beanie Boos that Ty has been teasing us about! Thursday, April 25th, Meet Asuka. Any information on this elusive shark Beanie Boo would be very much appreciated! What do you think about Asuka?

Another New Beanie Boo for ! Monday, January 28th, Here is yet another adorable Beanie Boo due to be released soon! Here she is pictured below: Scrappy will be a scruffy grey and beige cat with glittery pink eyes. What do you think of Scrappy? New Beanie Boos for — Asha and Orson! What do you think of these next additions to the Beanie Boo range?

New Beanie Boo Alert for !

Timeless Boho Beanie - Free Crochet Pattern - The Purple Poncho

Here they are pictured below: There have also been some other additions in the range. Do you have any of the Unicorn animals yet? New Flippables for ! Tuesday, January 22nd, I have come across these brand new Ty Flippables for ! Another new Beanie Boo spotted! Thursday, January 17th, This little unicorn rabbit is called Begonia! Her Birthday is on 6th April and her tag reads: I was a bunny when I was born but then I grew a shiny horn I still can run and hop and play It never ever gets in my way.

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Have you got Begonia yet? Another new Beanie Boo alert! Wednesday, January 16th, This cute little chick Beanie Boo has been spotted on the internet! Have you spotted Megg yet? Cherie is a real Beanie Boo! Sunday, January 13th, Hi everyone! Have you spotted Cherie yet? What pattern do i use to make the second flower the one that goes in the center before the contrasting center piece?

Kim December 26th, at May I sell items based on this pattern? Lara J0hnson February 27th, at Super Cute!!! I made this for my 17 yr old daughter and she loved it.

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I initially made it with the 8 rows but it was too shallow for her head so I added 8 more rows and it was perfect. Joan April 4th, at Is there anyway to print this pattern, without all the comments and ads? I hate using so much paper and ink to get the comments and ads. Amy Wilson September 21st, at How can I reprint the pattern for the little flower hat? It is too tedious to copy it all by hand. Amy Wilson September 27th, at I would love to reprint the pattern for the peek-a-boo flower hat. How do I reprint this? I would appreciate an answer to how I can reprint some of these instructions.

Too tedious to copy by hand. Amy Wilson October 8th, at I love the beanie hat with the big flower. But how do I print the instructions for thie? Helena October 8th, at I have found as I read the replies many had trouble printing.

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I found to copy and paste into MS Word the best thing then I can delete any extra things. So many nice patterns. Looking for newborn baby sweater sets for both sexes that are not real complicated.

I am in the intermediate stage of crocheting but not the expert ones. Rhonda December 19th, at Thank you so much for this lovely pattern. I left off the flower, but I think that they turned out beautifully.

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Kelly Herring January 7th, at I love this pattern! Instead of repeating the round to round 8, I continued repeating to round I began the sc border on round Sally February 24th, at I have just been diagnosed with Breast caner. Love the pattern. Joyce Moore February 27th, at I want to make some caps for cancer patients. Thank You. Joyce Moore. I love this hat. Aluminum crochet hook size F.

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With White, ch 2, 8 s c in 2nd st from hook, do not join this or following rounds. Place a marker at the beginning of each round. Increase 4 sts evenly spaced.

Work 7 rounds even, sl st in last 2 sts at end of last round to even round, cut yarn. Attach Black in any s c directly above an s c of 20th round and work same as 20th round. Attach Blue in any s c directly above an s c of 22nd round and work same as 20th round. Work 9 rounds even in s c. Next Round.