Derec Donovans BIONIC BOMBSHELL One and Done Shot

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Do you enjoy going to them? Is it just another day at the office? D: I enjoy the store events when they are well attended, then it becomes like a mini-convention. D: I think cosplay overall has been a positive — it gets fans involved and increases the attendance at shows, anything that brings attention and awareness to the world of comics and fandom is great.

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D: I do now. A few years back I was at a show in Miami and I remember thinking I need to make characters so cool that people would put the time and effort it takes to make these and dress as them. How was that? Will it grow? D: I think as long as cosplay is handled right by people who love it, it will grow.

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But I think cosplay is here to stay. It may even branch off on its own where there are conventions totally devoted to it alone.

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Deviant for 13 years. Posts See all. Mar 22, I'm asking a Favor of all my fellow Deviants, I'm asking if you can help me get the word out; I have a Kickstarter for my First Creator Owned Comic ending in 4 Days as of this Writing- if you could copy and Paste the Link and Forward it on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, bathroom Wall, wherever- I'm trying to reach outside my Circle of influence and reach those people I wouldn't normally be able to.

Thank You!! Wizard World Austin Texas. Sep 24, I'm also going to be starting a commission list for that show, anyone interested in getting on it before the show can Contact me here- Can't wait I've never been to Austin, but from all I've heard it's my kind of town. Cya Derec-. Devious Journal Entry.

Aug 2, Contact me if you're interested, for examples of previous Commissions please view my Gallery. Thanks Derec-.

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Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Good artwork, i like your style.

Keep on doing it man. OneCreator Student General Artist. Just colored you're Aquaman drawing, hope did a good job!